How Many Cards Are in an Uno Deck?

Uno, a card game beloved by many and known for its colorful deck and dynamic gameplay, comprises a unique set of cards. But just how many cards does an Uno deck contain? In total, an Uno deck consists of total 112 cards. Out of these, 108 are playing cards. Of these, 76 are numbered cards, and 32 are special action cards. An Uno deck has 100 colored cards (Green, Blue, Yello, and Red), and 8 wild cards that don’t have any color. It also contains extra 4 blank cards (sometimes 3 blank cards, and 1 shuffle hands card), making the total number of cards 112.

Complete Uno Deck (Unorganized)

This article talks about how many cards are in the Uno deck. Whether you’ve played a lot or are just starting, knowing the number of each card type can help in the game. Learn more about the different amounts of cards that make Uno fun to play.

Basically, an Uno deck has the following cards –

  1. 19X4 = 76 Red, Green, Yellow, and Red numbered cards from 0 to 9
  2. 8 Skip Cards
  3. 8 Reverse Cards
  4. 8 Draw 2 Cards
  5. 4 Draw 4 cards
  6. 4 Wild Cards
  7. 3 blank cards and 1 shuffle hands card (or just 4 blank cards)

Colored Cards in Uno (100 Total)

In the traditional Uno deck, there are four colors: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. There are 25 cards of each color in Uno.

Here’s a breakdown of the colored cards:

Numbered Cards (0-9)

  • Each color has one 0 card.
  • Each color has two copies of cards numbered from 1 through 9.

Given the above, for each color, there is:

  • 1 card of number 0
  • 2 cards each of numbers 1-9 (18 total cards for numbers 1-9)

So, for each color, there are 1 + 18 = 19 cards.

Multiply this by the four colors: 19 cards/color x 4 colors = 76 cards.

This total, 76, represents the colored numbered cards in an Uno deck.

Action Cards

All action cards organized - Draw 2, Skip, Reverse

In Uno, action cards (Skip, Reverse, Draw Two) which also come in each of the four colors, add a layer of strategy and unpredictability to the gameplay. They come in each of the four standard colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. Here’s a breakdown of these action cards and their numbers:

  • Skip Cards: These prevent the next player from taking their turn. There are 2 Skip cards for each of the four colors, making a total of 8 Skip cards.
  • Reverse Cards: These change the direction of play. For example, if the order was clockwise, upon playing a Reverse card, it becomes counter-clockwise, and vice versa. Like the Skip cards, there are 2 Reverse cards for each color, summing up to 8 in total.
  • Draw Two Cards: When played, the next player has to pick up two cards from the draw pile and forfeits their turn. There are 2 Draw Two cards for every color, so there are 8 of these in total.

Adding these action cards to the colored numbered cards: 76 numbered cards + 24 action cards = 100 colored cards.

Wild Cards

All wild cards in Uno - Draw 4, and WILD

Unlike the regular numbered and action cards which belong to one of the four color groups (Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue), Wild cards are colorless until played.

In a standard Uno deck, there are two types of Wild cards:

  • Wild: This card allows the player to choose the next color of play, regardless of the card previously played. There are 4 of these in a deck.
  • Wild Draw Four: This card not only lets the player choose the next color, but it also forces the next player to draw four cards. There are 4 of these in a deck.

So, in total, there are 8 Wild cards in a standard Uno deck.

3 blank cards, and 1 shuffle hands card

Blank or Customizable Cards

Some Uno editions may have 4 blank cards, or 3 blank and 1 shuffle hands card that I have not included in the 108 playing cards count. Blank cards in Uno are not a standard part of the classic Uno deck but have been included in some special edition versions of the game. These cards are typically provided to allow players to add their own rules or actions.

When you get a blank card in such decks, you (or the person who owns the game) can use a permanent marker to write a custom rule or action on it. This can add an unexpected twist or additional layer of strategy to the game.

Shuffle Hands Card

Newer Uno decks may have 1 shuffle hands card. The Shuffle Hands card, while reminiscent of the Swap Hands card, is simpler to use in Uno. When played, the player gathers all cards from others, shuffles them, and redistributes them. Players may not always receive their original card count, but such discrepancies are within game rules.


Uno is a fun and exciting card game loved by many. Its mix of different cards keeps the game interesting and surprising. We’ve gone through what makes up the Uno deck, with its 112 cards, each bringing its own twist to the game.