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Marbles in the Gas Tank

This requires a few factors to work in your favor. You need a glass marble that will be small enough to fit in the tank and the tank needs to be unlocked.

Placing a marble in the gas tank is going to have a good chance of causing all sorts of problems. First off, the marble may never make it into the tank. It could get lodged into the gas fill tube. This will make it very hard to fill up the tank in a rapid manner. The gas pump will keep sensing the tank is full and automatically shut off.

If it gets into the tank, it's going to rattle which is annoying all by itself. If it manages to get lodged into the fuel line, it's going to cause the car to stall until the pressure is relieved, which happens when the car stalls.

It all adds up to a pain in the ass for the poor soul that has the marble in their tank.

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