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Sending Poo Parcel Post

Has there been someone that has annoyed you? Is there a person you've seen on TV that you feel is a bit of a jerk? Have you ever thought that Ann Coulter is full of BS? Did your favorite TV show get cancelled for something even worse? Are you annoyed that Trent Lott is still in office after being charged with a Felony?

Now, imagine for a minute you have access to cow poop...

One overlooked fact is how cheap it is to send items through the mail via through the US Postal Service via Parcel Post. You can send up to 6 lbs. in one package for the lowest rate available.

You could send rotten apples to Pat Robertson, since he seems to be rotten to the core. You could send Toyota car emblems to the head of GM to remind them what cars people buy these days, you could send Michael Moore a case of Twinkies. There is no end to the ways you can target someone famous, infamous or someone from your past you really do not like.

Have fun and play safe!

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