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Security Tags on Shopping Carts

Most chain stores you walk into these days have those security gates you have to walk through. They are designed to be set off by those little white rectangle tags they put on expensive items to deter shoplifting.

The tags come in several different sizes, but the ones I am talking about are the rectangle tags. They are fairly easy to peel off, which makes me wonder how they are meant to deter shoplifting, but thats a different point. The point I am making is that they peel off easily.

Sometimes when you are walking through a store, you might see one of these little tags on merchandise like razors, cell phone chargers, anything with a five finger discount appeal.

Look around to see if an emloyee is watching and if the coast is clear, peel off the tag and place it on your shopping cart. Under the basket is always a great place. The idea is that you cannot spot the tag easily. Then place the item back on the shelf (unless you plan to buy it) and continue on your shopping journey.

The most important thing to remember at this point is to leave the cart in the store! If you walk through the tag detectors, you will set it off!

That my friends is the beauty of this prank. Some unsuspecting soul will use that cart, pay for their shopping items and wheel the cart right through the detectors.

Your average shopper will stop, panic, blabber appologies as a store employee strip searches them looking for the item they ripped off or at least demagnetize their purchases once again, not realizing that the tag setting off the alarm is hidden beneath the cart.

I actually ended up pranking myself on this one. I tagged several carts on multiple journeys to a store I frequent. One day I pushed the cart through the sensor and I set it off! I just laughed to myself and pushed on through at a slightly faster pace as other shoppers stared at me.

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