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How to "WIN" at KENO

With all the cameras and security, it's hard to pull a prank at a casino.

Keno is a game that can be found in almost any casino. It is the forerunner of the Lottery. You pick anywhere from 3 numbers to 15 and put them on a card. You can bet $2, $20 or some places even more. If your numbers come up, you win. Games are drawn every five minutes and people walk around the casino calling, "Keno" to encourage you to give them your Keno card and pay for a game. They give you a receipt and if your numbers come up, you win. You can monitor the progress of the game on the many television monitors in the cafes and around the casino. At each table at the cafe is a little booklet to show you how to play the many varieties of Keno.

Unlike Blackjack, Poker or Craps, nobody else besides you knows if you won at Keno. Until you go to the cashier, there's no way to verify a win or a loss. And this is where you can play a prank. After the Keno numbers are drawn, jump up and yell, "I WON! I WON! I JUST WON $3,000 AT KENO!" Generally the people around you will cheer and congratulate you. This action will not generate too much interest from the Casino because any loudmouth yelling out they won at Keno will invariably convince others to play a game of Keno.

Just a word to the wise. Don't claim you've won the grand prize of Keno, which is all 15 numbers correct. The reason is that you will have to be far more elated than you can muster, since you will have won around $50 million dollars. Chances are you will attract a large crowd of people with that kind of winning -- especially Casino security. They will not show up to protect you so much as to kick you out of the Casino. This is not because Casinos do not like winners, it's because they don't like cheats.

You see, it's a statistical impossibility to correctly choose all 15 numbers out of 80. In the history of Keno, with the countless numbers of games played every five minutes, nobody has ever won the grand prize.

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