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How to Win a Free Drink

The five question drinking game is a great bar trick that almost always pays off.

Next time you are out with your friends or in a bar, would you like to find a nearly foolproof way to get a free drink out of them? Well so would we, so we found an ingenious drinking game designed to get you free likker. All you have to do is ask them five questions.

Make a bet your friend (or stranger) that if the person can answer your next 5 questions wrong you'll buy them a drink. Add in the caveat, if they answer even one question correctly, they need to buy you a drink. Sounds easy right? The mark will know their is some sort of scam, so they will be ready for it. But you have one ace up your sleeve and here's how to get your free drink.

Start off by asking them 3 questions. Make it easy for them.
1. What time is it?
2. What state are we in?
3. Who is the President of the United States?

In other words, easy questions for them to miss.

Between questions 3 and 4, ask them, "Are we on question 3 or 4?" or ask them, "OK, ready for the next question? Question number..." and wait for them to answer.

Generally they will answer, "4" and if they do, you scammed yourself one free drink.

If they are the clever type, they will answer something like, "9". If they do this, they may have realized what you are doing because they are especially smart or they have played the game before.

So at this point, look a little let down and ask them, "Oh, have you played this before?" If they say "yes" because they have or "no" because they haven't, then my friend, you can chortle mightily and tell them you have won! They answered the question truthfully, therefore correctly, and tell them your drink preference.

If by chance they actually made it through by answering all the questions wrong, you get to buy your friend a drink, which you would have anyway, because you are a good friend, right?

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