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Hotel Pranks

The next time you are in a hotel, I have a few easy activities you are going to love. Others will hate you, but hey, that is part of the fun of this site!

Do Not Disturb Signs

Whenever I am at a convention, I know the people who party it up. Some of these are coworkers, some are cohorts. Many of them will turn in late and put up a Do Not Disturb sign. Ironically enough, on the other side of the sign is usually a sign that says, Maid Service Please This is almost a Please Disturb Me! sign. Because maids will figure you've already left and will come to clean those rooms first.

All it takes to start this round of fun is a walk down a hallway at 3:00 AM and do a little flipping.

Wake Up Calls OK, it's 3:00 AM and your all alone. All of your friends have turned in. The sooner they get done sleeping, the sooner you can play again. So why not put in a wake-up call for them?

At say, 5:30 AM

Pick up a house phone and tell the night operator, give them your mark's room number, then put in the wake-up call. Honestly, I have more fun with these pranks than I really want to admit.

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