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Fake Medical Study Ads

Whether you have a friend or a collegue who needs pranking or just have a desire to see how gullible people are, this prank is for you.

Is there a medical clinic that recently shafted you with an unfair bill? This prank is for you.

Figure out some sort of medical study that almost anyone might want to apply for, especially if the financial reward for participating in the study is too much to resist.
Ecstasy Research

Earn Up to $500.00 a week for this study A research group is studying the effects of ecstasy and other drugs on urine samples. You may qualify for this study if you: 18-39 years old currently use ecstasy are willing to give urine samples. For more information, please contact: Laura Bush White House Study (or Name of Clinic) 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 (202) 456-1414 [email protected]

Next, post the study in places where people who might use ecstasy and could use $500.00 might be found. Telephone poles, public bathrooms, laudramats, user groups, use your imagination.

The power of a few hundred fliers is amazing.

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