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The question of the week

One Friday afternoon little Johnny was sitting in his classroom, waiting for the beel to ring when the teacher said
"Alright class now comes the question of the week.
Whoever can answer this will get to go home early.

The question is... What color is the sky?"
One little kid raises his hand and says "Blue"
"No i'm sorry,thats not it"
Another kid says "Grey"
"Sorry thats not it either"
Another kid says "It blue and grey"
"Thats not it either.

Well if no one else has an answer, its black"
When little johnny got home he thought to himself
"Man i wish i could get that so i could get out of school"
so he thought of a plan the whole next week.
Next friday the teacher said"
ok it time for the question of the week."

Just then little Johnny rolled two black balls to the front of the classroom.
The teacher said "Alright,
who's the comedian with the black balls?"
Little Johnny raises his hand and says

"Chris Rock,see you monday"

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thars funnyyy lol

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