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Fake Amnesia Prank

After March break I went back to school pretending that I had amnesia. I made up a story about falling off a horse and hitting my head on a tree. I said that I had an 89% memory loss and that I could only remember how to speak English, read and write.

I walked into my tech class with a piece of paper with all my courses on them and I asked friends of mine if I was in the right class. They gave me looks of confusion and disbelief when I told them my amnesia story. I went on asking where I sit in the class, asked them what kind of person I was, and many other fun questions.

I had the whole class believing I had amnesia and everyone was trying to remind me of my past. I asked, “So what do we do in this class?” and my friend replied, “Well its computer engineering…” I asked “What’s a computer?” They had their work cut out for them. They explained the Internet and they reminded me of all my favorite TV shows. They then started to get smart with me and they made up things like hover boards and World War III.

It was fun, I just wish I was more prepared so I could’ve carried the prank on for a long time.

- From Betty (Ontario Canada)


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You are SUCH a bitch. Amnesia is not something that should be joked about, stupid cunt.

That is funny!! I'd so do it, but my friends wouldn't care and they'd just leave me friendless.

your pretty fun Betty

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