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Answer Ringing Phones with Ransom Demands

Have you ever walked by a public pay phone and heard it ringing? No use letting such a golden opportunity to go by, put it to good use!

Pick up the phone and in your most stressed out and nervous voice, say something like this:

"Look, I have the $20,000.00 in small unmarked bills. Now dammit, when do I get my kid back?"

If the person on the other end starts to stammer or goes silent, don't stop to listen to what they will say, just power on through with something like this: "Dammit, quit toying with me! Listen, I have done everything you said and I have not contacted the police! I just want my kid back! Hello? Hello?"

Then hang up the phone and walk away.

By the way, everyone at Planet Wally considers kidnapping a terrible crime. We do not advocate kidnapping or paying ransoms, just messing with people that call pay phones.

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