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Alarm Clock

If you have had a cell phone for more than a few years, chances are you have an old, mostly useless cell phone laying about. You can't use it to call without a calling plan, you can't give it to anyone (who wants an old cell phone), so unless you are planning a personal museum for obsolete common things, you might have no use for it except to toss it away.

Or, use it to create a really annoying prank!

Many cell phones have an alarm feature. These alarms usually have the most annoying alarm sound. A sound that will keep going and going due to a built-in snooze feature which will make that annoying alarm noise, wait a few minutes, then start blaring again.

The cell phone will continue making that noise until the battery dies. It might after an hour or so reset itself to not make the noise for another 24 hours. If plugged into a equally useless AC power adapter, that annoying sound could go on annoying people for days and days.

All you really need is a cell phone and a good place to hide it so that the sound travels, but it's incredibly hard to find. For instance, in a heating duct. Just set the alarm, lock the keypad and drop or push the phone into the duct so you cannot easily reach it. You could also drop it into a void in a false wall. Or hide it above a ceiling tile. You could also hide it inside a car, behind a refrigerator, there is no end of where you can hide it, just put it some place where it is annoying and hard to find.

If you do this right, you could have a prank that annoys people every day at the same time for a week, a month, even years.

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