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Easy April fools day pranks

Buy a spray can of fishing bait or something else very smelly and cover it in a label of an Air freshener.

Air freshener prank

Get one real egg and cover it in chocolate, wrap it up in foil and give them as gifts to your friends and family.

Make a real chocolate egg


This is a super easy quick prank to pull off. Simply cut out a trapezoid shaped blank piece of paper and place it over the male bathroom sign to turn it into the female sign. This works best in public places and bars where people don't know the bathrooms well.

Bathroom sign prank


Take your friends deodorant and replace it with soft cheese. It looks the same but as soon as they go to put some on... 

Deodorant switch prank


Everyone loves donuts and will take one without even thinking, which makes them perfect for a prank. Get some empty donuts and fill them with mayonnaise!

Mayo donut prank

Do you have an Airhorn? Do you have a door?... Then you've got everything you need for this super simple funny prank.
Simply stick an airhorn on the wall behind the door, when the victim opens the door off goes to horn scaring the bejesus outta them!

Airhorn door pranks


A simple prank of pure evil. Tie up the scissors with the one thing only scissors can cut.

Evil prank


Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and leave it in the shower, the victim will keep washing but won't seem to be getting any cleaner and they won't know why.

Soap prank


The classic ketchup drink prank. Put the straw into a packet of ketchup and place inside a drink.

Classic soda pranks


Replace the lovely Oreo center with toothpaste! Very evil but very funny with kids.

Oreo toothpaste prank


Buy some snap bangers and place under the toilet seat on the pads, then gentally put the seat down and wait for your victim to go to the bathroom and sit down.

Toilet seat prank


Replace the toilet paper with duck tape. Will the victim dare use it?..

Toliet paper prank


It may not be the right time of year for a toffee apple but who could say no to a free toffee apple? Little do they know it's not an apply inside, but you'll only findout once you take a nice big bite!

Toffee apple prank

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