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April Fool's joke for Yard Sales

Alright here is my plan for this year. I know there are some out there that can accomplish this better than me.

Aprils Fools is a Friday, but I think this will work. Basically I want to lead the Yard Sale Junkies on a wild goose chase through my neighborhood on that following Saturday.

I'm going to buy some fluorescent poster board you see people use to direct attention to yard sales. Off a main street direct people into my neighborhood and keep directing them street by street until it takes them back out to the main street. (Of course going by my house so I can chuckle)

Back story: Last spring I was trying to find a yard sale, but the owner must have been crackheads because the signs didn't make sense on where to turn. I noticed two other cars following the signs. And it came to me that this could be an awesome prank on April Fools Day.

By: satty


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thumbs up :)

Be sure to write the supposed address in very tiny illegible letters just like 90% of all people who have a yard sale do. They seem to think people can actually read it while driving by in a car. Myself I just follow the arrows so your trick would work fine on me. Most of the time I don't find the sale anyway.


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