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Shake the Salad Dressing

In the grocery trades, there are few wonderful gifts as a gullible new employee. Box boys have a tendency to want to please and all the gullible tendencies of a greenhorn.

One of the best pranks is to assign the employee to shake the dressing in the condiment isle. You see, salad dressings like Italian seem to settle, so by shaking them up, it makes them more appealing.

If the employee questions why they are supposed to shake the dressing, a skilled prank master will just roll their eyes, feign exasperation and tell them to do what they are told. There are lots of miserable jobs in the grocery business. When the new employee gets more experience, he can get the less repetitive jobs. You'll figure an appropriate thing to say. These topics just seem to roll off the tongue once you start the dressing agitation speech.

Word to the wise, when sending other employees to laugh at the dressing shaker, kindly try to get some of them to lament how they hated that job when they first started. It builds the believability factor.

This same prank could be used in any restaurant with a salad bar. Have a busboy continually stir the Italian dressing to make it look more inviting.

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