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Interior Decorator Practical Joke

This is a great gag that you can try on your friends when they leave town on vacation. If you have a key to their place, or know where they stash their spare, you can do a little dirty work before they return by rearranging the furniture in their house. Depending on how far you want to take the joke and your energy level at the time, there are couple ways you can approach and carry out this scheme. You can rearrange a very small amount of their personal possessions or you can go all out and turn the place upside down.

Put yourself in their shoes. You come home from a long car ride or a plane trip, you haven't had much sleep, haven't slept in your own bed for a week, and all you want to do is lay the kids to bed and then plop down on the couch. Instead, you walk inside to find your dining room is in your den and your living room is now your bedroom! Depending on the time you arrive home, you might just have to sleep in your living room and take care of the mess in the morning. Or worse yet, if you didn't pad an extra vacation day, you may have to sort it out after you get home from work.

I personally prefer to only redecorate a relatively small amount of the home, such as flip-flopping the contents of two kitchen cupboards. For instance, the dining plates and saucer cupboard could switch places with the drinking glasses and bowls cupboard. This can be done even if the person is only away for a very small amount of time and doesn't have the potential to ruin your friendship like the previous example. They might not even notice until the next day and the mix-up will probably really freak them out. I just love thinking about how they will discover the reorganization. "Honey, when did we start keeping the measuring cups in the top drawer and the silverware in the middle one?"

by Smide Boyter


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