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How to get back at a neighbor with a barking dog

There are few things as annoying as someone who has a dog barking in their yard. Especially at night when you are trying to sleep.

Dogs possess a unique ability to bark and bark and bark. You can complain to your neighbor about the barking dog, but if your neighbor was responsible in any way, the jackass would not leave the dogs outside in the first place. They brought the damn thing into their home to be a part of the family and then they leave it chained up outside. Imagine doing that with your kids. The whole neighborhood would be up in arms. TV news reporters would be in your front yard videotaping you as the evil parent of the century.

So what can you do about the stupid barking dogs? You can document the barking & call the police, you can complain to your neighbor, you can call animal control.

Or you could annoy the dogs and drive them nuts!

Dogs will answer at night when they hear another dog barking, but they will go absolutely mad if they were to hear a wolf baying in the distance. Most likely do not have a wolf laying around. I mean if you did, you could always send the wolf into the neighbors yard to eat the barking dog. However, there are fine recordings of wolves available that will do the trick.

One album worth mentioning was recorded in the 1960s, a young man named Robert Redford and is all about wolves. The first half has Robert talking about wolves. The second half is all wolf calls. It features wolves on the hunt, howling at the moon, making puppies, whelping their young and baby wolves whimpering. My friend Mona suggests it is the sound of baby wolf pups that sends dogs into a frenzy.

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