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April Fools Pranks

This April Fools' Day, play the perfect practical joke on your friends and family members!
Aries: Challenge them to a race. Let them win, then tell them they cheated.

Taurus: Replace their soft, silky sheets with burlap sacks.

Gemini: Subject them to the silent treatment.

Cancer: Replace all their family photos with generic pictures you cut out of magazines.

Leo: Hide their shampoo, their hairbrush and their mirrors.

Virgo: Disorganize their sock drawer and rearrange their CD collection.

Libra: Sniff them and wrinkle up your nose.

Scorpio: Tell them you read their diary -- and boy was it juicy!

Sagittarius: Tie their shoelaces together in triple knots.

Capricorn: Cut the power to their computer and stick up a Post-It note that reads "Out Of Order".

Aquarius: Mention the party you're planning, and "forget" to invite them.

Pisces: Don't bother playing an April Fools' Day joke on a Pisces; they won't even notice

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