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Things to Do With Leftover Girl Scout Cookies

1. Put them under a short table leg to stop a wobble.

2. Paint with shellac to use as drawer pulls.

3. Use a cookie as a spare when Barbie's Mustang convertible blows a tire.

4. Use Thin Mints as a breath freshener.

5. Have a cookie Frisbee contest.

6. Give cookies as gifts to people you are trying to impress.

7. Use as edible bookmarks.

8. Freeze one box of each variety for the hoarding frenzy at the turn of the next millennium.

9. Add cookies to a time capsule.

10. Start a Random Act of Cookieness movement. Offer a cookie to everyone you meet.

11. Use cookies for edible checkers game pieces.

12. Use a Thin Mint for an emergency sink stopper.


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