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Ketchup packets in the Microwave

For this to be effective, you need a microwave with one of those rotating carousels. The reason why is that you can tuck them away and people will not notice them. Until it's too late.

Take a few ketchup packets, the kind you get with take-out food and place them under the carousel. You can use mustard or mayonnaise. The idea is that you are going to create a terrific mess. The more colors you use on your pallet, the better the painting.

Most people will never notice the packets. They just shove the food into the microwave, set the time and start nuking their food.

The main component in most of the packets is water. When water is in a microwave, it super-heats due to the microwaves. Since the water is in a sealed packet, it's builds up pressure until the packet explodes. When it explodes, the contents go everywhere.

For some reason, a ketchup bomb in the microwave just annoys people. Even if they were planning on adding ketchup to their food when they took it out of the microwave. We see this as a helpful step. Now the food is covered with ketchup. And the bowl, the door and everything else in the microwave.

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