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Hide a Dead Fish

- Is your company about to ask you to "seek other opportunities" (fire you)?
- Are you looking for one last way to let your landlord know they were horrible?
- Looking to strike back at a car rental agency for a little bait and switch?
- Would you like to get back at a soon-to-be former love interest?

Have we got a prank for you!

Buy some fish and place it in a tray. You can even drop in a trout with scales and everything. Hide the fish behind a drawer or behind a ceiling tile, in a wheel well, under a bed. Someplace where it will not be discovered right away.

If you cannot find a dead fish, a can of tuna with holes punched in the top or partially opened will do the trick as well.

In a few days, nature will start to exact your revenge. The smell will begin permeating the room, but it will be very hard to locate the source of the smell.

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Will be dumping tuna juice/ milk/ vinegar mixture on someone's carpet. The oil will not be easy to find. Small room too.
Yes they deserve it!

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