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Happy Birthday Restaurant Prank

It seems lots of restaurants love to get into the act of helping you celebrate a birthday. Red Robin, Hooters and many other theme restaurants will gladly gather the staff and sing happy birthday to a friend in your party. It's rather dopey, kind of embarrassing and if anyone does it for me, I will seek revenge.

Which means this is a perfect prank to pull on someone.

The best part is that you don't even have to have someone in your party celebrating a birthday. You just tell the staff, "my friend Bob is having a birthday, can we get a cake and sing happy birthday to him?" and the staff will slobber all over themselves for a chance to make Bob's birthday a special one so he comes back every year to their fabulous theme restaurant.

But it gets better.

You can actually get the staff to sing happy birthday to someone who you don't know in the restaurant!

Just pick some poor sucker sitting at a table at random. Tell the staff you want to have them sing happy birthday to the table and they will come over, slap on a party hat and embarrass the poor sap in front of everyone.

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