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Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

Years ago when I was a little infink, a babysitter told me that if I go into a pitch black room with a mirror, say a bathroom, and stare at the mirror and chant, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" an apparition of a psychotic axe murderer named Bloody Mary will emerge and come out of the mirror to kill me. The only way to send her back was to turn on the lights and leave the room quickly or I will become the next victim of Bloody Mary.

So naturally I tried it and behold! Mary appeared before me! I was so scared there was no need to open the bathroom door, I ran through it!

To this day, Mary continues to appear in mirrors. I dare you to try it. Go to a dark room such as a bathroom with no window, turn off the lights, stare into the mirror and chant her name. She will appear!

How It Works

What really happens is that as you chant, "Bloody Mary", your eyes adjust to the darkness and the image you see in the mirror is your own reflection. Any bloody apparition that emerges is actually your mind playing tricks on you. Mary will never emerge to get you.

But its the great basis of a prank.

Here's What you Do

First off, make up the story around Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary was a woman that lived during Colonial times, She used to look for kids at night, hack them up with an axe, then eat their bodies. She thought it would preserve her youth. They caught her and hanged her, but before she died, she managed to issued a curse that every child who stares into a darkened mirror and utters her name will release her spirit back into the world of the living.

Next, you dare someone to go into a darkened room with a mirror and chant her name. They may be hesitant to do so, but you can assure them that as long as they turn in the lights, Mary is sent back to her grave.

This is where it gets evil.

When the person goes into the room and turns off the lights, flip off the circuit breaker that controls the lights for that room. When the person attempts to turn on the lights, the lights will never come on.

Now if you are truly evil, hide someone else in the room. When the your victim starts chanting Bloody Mary, grab them.

Some places to hide include the shower, under the sink, under a bed, in a closet, under some clothes anywhere you do not look suspicious.

Truly evil people would also hold the door closed.

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