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Logon error

When you are done using a computer and log off (at school of course). There will be the login box. In the user name, hit the space button several times. Then press Ctrl + A to select all the spaces. Then press Ctrl + C to copy then hold down on Ctrl + V to paste the spaces over and over. This will fill up the username box with spaces untill the maximum characters is reached. Thus, no more text will be allowed. Then finally hit Home key to move teh cursor to the beginning. Then leave, the next person will try to type in their user name but it won't let them. Novices will ususally think its frozen and will restart the computer. When you get fast, you can do it to a whole bunch of computers with out being seen.
Or do it at the beginning of class to your friends computer who sits next to you so you can see the results.

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