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Work Radio Pranks

I help produce a lot of special events where I find myself assigned to a two-way radio. They are supposed to be used for business-like communication. But sometimes I get a bit bored and I just feel the need to spice things up a bit.

These are a few of the recent pranks I have pulled off.

Pre-Recorded Devices:
One of the easiest ways to have a little fun is with a pre-recorded device like a fart machine, a device with sound clips by the Simpsons or Beavis and Butthead. The idea is that you key the mike, make a sound and nobody catches on it's you, since they can't tell if it's your voice. There is nothing like keying the microphone on a busy channel, pushing a button on the fart machine and having complete silence come back. It's even better when it's not your channel you are assigned to be on! When you get an angry dispatcher demanding that the culprit identity themselves, I laugh so hard I end up horizontal.

Fake Radio Handles:
If you can get someone else to play games on the radio, all the better. Depending on how anally-retentive your other people might be, you can either disguise your voice or just go for the gusto. A recent favorite was an interaction between the first caller who had a call sign of strangling whore and a second caller who was known as demon.

whore: "demon, demon, this is strangling whore."
demon: "Go for demon."
whore: "[strangling noises]"

My cohort followed up with something like this:

demon: "strangling whore, that last transmission was garbled. Could you repeat it?"
whore: "[strangling noises]"
demon: "copy that, demon clear"

With this gag, you are only limited to how tasteless you can go.

The possibilities of what you can do on the radio are only limited by your own resourceful nature.

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