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Subscribe People to Weird Magazines

Go to a magazine store and buy the weirdest magazines you can find, then stick them in your coworkers mailboxes.

If you get a really big reaction, subscribe that person to that particular magazine.

You can also do this to competitors.

Many years ago I worked for this company where our main competitor made an inferior product, was poorly run by people of questionable ethics, but pretended to be conservative.

I decided the best way to really strike back was to subscribe them to the most offensive magazines I could find. So I went to adult book stores and I looked for magazines that depicted gay men having sex. I found that very few of these magazines had, subscription inserts.

But I found a few.

Slightly more popular magazines like Hustler do have them. For all I know I was just helping the president of the company double up on his existing subscriptions. I filled out 100 insert cards of everything I wouldn't want and sent them off. I figured if nothing else, trying to cancel a bunch of magazine subscriptions might be delightful payback for some of their more illegal business practices.

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