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Going On Up To Heaven

A young woman was teaching Sunday school to a group of very young children, one day she asked the class a question. She said "Class who can tell, when you die what is the 1st part of you to get to Heaven?"

The young children sat silently thinking, then finally little Jimmy in the front of the class raised his hand. The teacher said "Okay Jimmy what do think is the 1st part of you that gets to Heaven?" Jimmy said "The top of your head, because when your standing up it's the closest thing to Heaven." The teacher then said "Well that's not quite what I'm looking for does anybody else have any ideas?"

So little Mary raised her hand and said, "I know the answer it's your heart." The teacher said "Your heart, why do say that?" Mary said, "Cause that's where all the goodness and stuff is and when you die it gets there 1st." The teacher smiled and said, "That's real nice, but it's not quite what I'm looking for, anyone else?"

Just then little Hank the class troublemaker raised his hand. The teacher said to herself, "Oh great Hank!" She said, "Okay Hank what do you think the answer is." Hank then said all confident like he knows exactly what he's talking about "The soles of your feet!" The teacher said, "The soles of your feet?!, Why do say that?!" So Hank says, "Well the other day I went up stairs and my mother was lying on her bed with her feet up in the air saying, "Oh my god I'm coming", and if it wasn't for the mailman holding her down I think she would have went."

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