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A Shiny New Motorcycle

A young guy bought himself a shiny new motorcycle covered with nickels and bright chrome. He asked the salesman, "What can I do to protect it from rust?"

The salesman replied, "when it starts to rain, immediately put petroleum jelly on all the shiny parts."

Soon after, his girlfriend invited him for a big family gathering at her parent's house. On the day of the event, he parked his new motorcycle outside and went in to see that there were over 80 guests at the table.

The girl's father explained to him that "in our house, there is a custom; the one who says the first word after the food has to wash all the dishes."

The moment everyone finished eating, there was complete silence. For two hours no one said a word. Finally, the boy had enough; he moved some dishes aside, laid his girlfriend on the table and banged her in front of everyone.

No one said a word. Another half hour passes, the boy takes the girl's mother and does the same thing to her. Again, no one dares to speak.

Suddenly it begins to rain so the boy pulls out the petroleum jelly out of his pocket. Seeing that, the girl's father said: "You won, I'll do the dishes."


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