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Free Clinic

A gay man feels ill so he goes to the local free clinic. At first the doctor there doesn't want to treat him but realises he has to because it is a government clinic and he can't turn anybody away. After performing a few blood tests he discovers that the man has AIDS.

He goes into the examination room to inform him, "Sir your test results have come back and I'm sorry to inform you that you have AIDS, there is nothing I can do for you."

Quite angrily, he man says, "There must be something you can do; you're a doctor for God's sake you've got to do something! If you don't at least try to help me I'll sue you for everything you have!"

After thinking for a moment the doctor tells the man, "Go home and drink one bottle of Milk of Magnesia, eat one box of Ex-Lax and eat one jar of jalapeno peppers."

With a new sense of hope the man asks, "Will this help to cure AIDS?"

"No", said the doctor, "But it will teach you what an asshole is for."


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