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Beer with a twist

Three guys, in the pub, a little drunk and a lot pissed off.I've had it says the first. Do this do that, my wife never leaves me alone.

Me too says the second. Nag nag nag, mine never shuts up.Same here says the third. I've had enough.Hey! Says the first. How about we just do exactly what they ask. Yeh! From the second, for the whole week, exactly what they ask. Good Idea.

Great! agrees the third, we can all meet back here next week and compare notes on how it works out.

One week later....

First guy, smiling all over his face. You won't believe it. I was washing up last Sunday when I dropped and broke a plate. Thats it she said, smash everything in the house... So I did, exactly like we agreed. I did exactly what she said. I smashed eveything, It took hours and by midnight she'd gone, home to her mothers, since when I have had the quietest, best week in years.How was it for you? he asks.

Fantastic second gus says. Well... I was in the garden, where she makes me spend most of my time. I crept back into the house to get my lighter and left a muddy foot print. Thats it! She yelled, Bring the whole garden in.

So that's exactly what I did. I finished last night, but she's been gone for five days now. It's wonderfull. I'd forgotten what life was. The peace and quiet!!

How about you then? They ask the third guy.Hmmm. Nothing much really. I just spent the week just doing exactly what she asked me to do, but she didn't notice, which is no surprise really. Until that is, last night. It happens once in a rare while, I kinda found myself fancying her. We'd just got into bed so I reached over and gently put my hand on her pussy. She turned round snarling and said. You can cut that out!....Reaching ito his pocket...Have you seen one of these before?

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