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You Know You're A 90's Child When.....

You practiced perfecting the Beavis and Butt-head laugh for hours on end.
You knew all the Spice Girls real names along with their "Spice" names.
You remember being in line for Titanic at least twice.
You knew Bill Clinton was a paligamist when he was in power.
You know what prices were before GST.
Kurt Cobain's death devastated you.
MTV was going out of fashion.
You thought Taylor Hanson was a girl and/or had a crush on him.
Nintendo 64 was considered amazing graphics.
Toy Story was considered a visual treat.
You knew every Pokemon's name.
You saw Mike Tyson bite off Evander Hollyfield's ear as it happened.You remember sneaking viewings of South Park when your parents weren't home.
The Simpson's new episode was the highlight of the week.
You danced the Macarena countless times.
Michael Jackson's skin colour confused you first time.
You owned a tomagotchi.
The year 1999 meant hardly a thing to you now and back then.You loves the movie Jumanji.
Blair Witch scared the crap out of you.
You understand everything in this list so far.
Beavis and Butt-head were your most trusted music crictics.
Your knew someone who was offended by the song "Asshole" by Dennis Leary.
You know what a sphincter says.
You remember life before the Twin Tower Bombings.
You read the Harry Potter books before they were all the rage.
You own videos and/or music CD's.
Kevin Smith is what you consider comic and genius.
Bonus point: You have memorized most of his scripts.
The first time you heard of Princess Diana was her death.
You know at least half a dozen word's meaning 'cool'.
Dress sense meant nothing to you.
You put dude into every sentence possible.
You have worn a beanie or know someone who has.
Digital watches are what you consider a fashion accessory.
Your parents are asking when you will move out, along with your friends.
You learnt about American History from Forrest Gump.
You owned Sea Monkeys at some point in your life.
The way you got into Shakespeare was Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet.
You have at some point partaken in the cola wars.
You still understand everything in this list.
You knew who Eminem was before 8 Mile.
You remember the R. Kelly trial along with both Michael Jackson ones.
You have actually heard Paula Abdul sing.
You were an early fan of Friends.
You remember the Magic School Bus.
Your idea of cliffhanger was Cartman's dad and who shot Mr. Burns.
You actually had the time to go through this list and have understood each one clearly without any confusion.

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