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Irish Prostitute

This joke was told to me by my grandfather.

There was an Irish prostitute who worked out of Dublin. One day, she went back to visit her family's home in the country side, where her father greeted her at the door. "Oh my darling daughter," he exclaimed. "Where have you been?" "Well dad," she replied "I've become a prostitute." "What!" he yelled, furious. "Get out of my house. I never want to see you again!" "But dad," she protested "I've made so much money. I bought you and mom a new car and a huge flat in the city. I've done all this for you, won't you let me in?" "Wait a minute," her father said "What is it you said you are?" "A prostitute, dad." "Oh, thank God!" he exclaimed, relieved. "I thought you said Protestant!"

Good ol' grandpa...


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