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11 Crazy facts about Japan You Won't Believe Until You Visit

Japan, that tiny little island country within the Pacific Ocean, just east off the coast of North and South Korea, is well known for everything from mind-boggling technological advancements to the world of anime. There are so many incredibly odd things about this country that leave us foreigners completely in awe. If you have any doubts, here are some everyday experiences:

1. Japanese vending machines sell literally everything from a pin to an umbrella, a cold or hot drink to noodle soup or even manga (comics), all available for your convenience. 

Japanese vending machines


2. Only in Japan you can try over 200 different flavors of Kit-Kat, including chili pepper, ginger ale and soy sauce.

200 different flavors of Kit-Kats in Japan


3. And absolutely weird ice-cream flavours, such as shark fin, raw horse meat, cow's tongue, charcoal, octopus, Indian curry and deep-fried oyster (in the image below), where some have real ingredients in them. 

Weird ice-cream flavours


4. And buy a square-shaped watermelon, though this one is very expensive

Square-shaped watermelon


5. The Japanese are obsessed with punctuality. Even a simple 1 minute train delay results in "Sorry for the Inconvenience" announcements and profuse apologies.

6. And if the delivery man is early, even by 5 minutes, he will stand outside your door until the exact time you ordered for before ringing your doorbell. Punctual or plain crazy? 

7. Apparently, it is a common courtesy to leave money along with a note of apology if you accidentally break something that belongs to another, like the bell of a bicycle on the street. 

Apology note in Japan

Translation of the note: "I accidentally knocked your bike over and broke the bell I am very sorry"


8. Toilets in Japan can do magic! Called ‘washlets’, they will warm your seat, mask any sounds you make with an audio track, and have the bidet get the water temperature right to wash you off. Then they will air dry your bottom before automatically flushing and deodorizing. You might need to check some English instruction though before using them!

Magic Japanese toilet


9. Warning: If you visit a hot spring (Onsen) or public bath (Sento), know that it is done in the nude and in the company of either other males or females. So think twice before you decide to enjoy this unique Japanese cultural experience.

10. Traditional Christmas dinner in Japan includes Domino’s Pizza or KFC chicken and this amazing Christmas cake with strawberries.

Crazy Japanese Christmas dinner

11. You won’t find any ninjas in this Japna, but you can meet one of the last 100 real geishas if you look hard enough!

11 Amazing facts about Japan You Won't Believe Until You Visit.

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