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Children of the 80's

Hello children of the 80's. Read this, it will take you back but be careful cause it will also make you realise that you are now actually OLD!!
You knew all the words to Captain Planet!
You had those rubber popper thingies that flew off the palm of your hand?
"The Never Ending Story........ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh
"Snap bracelets were always getting you in trouble at school
Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo
You played with "My Little Ponies."
Friendship bracelets were ties that couldn't be broken.
You ever read Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Baby-sitters Club, Forever or Sweet Valley High. You know all the words to "Ice Ice Baby".
You wanted to be on "Jim'll Fix It".
You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before he had plastic surgery.
You wore one of those slap-on wristbands at some point...or heaven forbid one of those T-shirts that changed colour with heat.
You had slouch socks and puff painted your own shirt at least once.
You were upset when She-ra, Princess of Power and He-Man got axed.
You can remember watching Saved by the Bell
You remember Madonna in her cone stage.
You knew "The Artist" when he was humbly called "Prince."
You even wore fluorescent-neon clothing... (if you can call it clothing!)
Not only did you wear fluorescent-neon clothing, but they were mismatched with fingerless gloves and towelling socks.
You could break dance (ok, you wished!)
You remember when Amiga and Sega Master System was a state of the art video game system. You remember M.C. Hammer.
You can still sing the rap to "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"....
You can remember when it was Jazzy Jeff and The fresh Prince and NOT just plain Will Smith! You owned cassettes.
You carried your lunch to school in a Gremlins, ALF or ET lunchbox.
You pondered on why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf.
My Little Pony, Gummy Bears and Transformers are familiar to you.
You had a Swatch Watch.
You believed that "By the power of Greyskull, you HAD the power!"
You spent hours in the basement building and re- building Lego cities
Big wheels and BMX's were the way to go.
With your pink (or blue) portable tape player, you sang to Kylie and Jason!
You owned Polly Pocket or Micro Machines
You made Ken fall in love with Barbie.
You know what " Psyche" means.
Partying "like it's 1999" seemed SO far away.
You knew that Transformers were "more than meets the eye".
You wore a banana clip at some point during your youth.
You actually thought "Dirty Dancing" was a REALLY good film.
You were led to believe that in the year 2000 we'd all be living in space.
You wore biker shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish.
You had to change into play clothes after school.
You recorded songs off the radio with your boom box.
Your arm was full of rubber bracelets.
You can still sing Sesame Street.
You wore those wide, colourful shoelaces.
You still don't like going in the sea because of Jaws.
You remember Now compilations that had the pig on the front cover.
You never questioned why the A-Team were always imprisoned in places that had sufficient tools to build an armoured tank.
It wasn't odd to have two or three "best" friends.
You remember when 25p was decent pocket money and you'd reach into a muddy gutter for 10p.

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