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Three challenges

A guy walks into a bar, and sits at the bar. After ordering a drink, he notices a giant jar full of $5 bills sitting behind the bar. When the bartender returns with his drink, the guy asks him 'Hey, what's that jar about?' The bartender replies 'Here's the deal, you put $5 in, and I'll tell you.' At first the guy thought it was stupid, but after a few rounds, he goes for it. After his $5 is in the jar, the bartender gives him the downlow.

'OK buddy, here's the deal. If you can do these three things, you get to walk out of here with this jar.' He says. 'Alright, what do you want me to do'

'First, you need to chug this mickey of tequila and keep a straight face. Second, I have this big old mean dog out back who has a loose tooth, you gotta pull it. Third' He says, pointing over to this old lady in the corner, 'You need to make love to that old lady, she's never knows the pleasures of a mans touch.'

Cringing at all this, the guy decides to pass. After several more drinks though, he calls over the bartender, and asks for the tequila. Right away, some of the locals know what's going on, and start to cheer him on. The guy chugs it down like a champ, stone faced.

Next he heads out back with the encouragement of the bar cheering him on. Suddenly, there's a lot of mean barking and howling, followed by a swift and dead silence. The locals start staring at eachother, wondering if he's dead out there. That's when the guy stumbles back through the door and says 'Alright, where's the lady with the loose tooth?'


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