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How to get free beer

Fred and Ray went to the liquor store to buy a cheap bottle of wine. In the store, they discover they only have $1.50 between the two of them.

Ray says, I've got an idea, and goes next door to the butcher shop and comes back with a polish sausage. here Fred, stick this in your pants,I know how we can drink all night for free.

"What the hell, Ray?,Now we don't have any money.

Don't worry, we'll go to the bar,order some drinks and when the bartender asks us to pay the tab, you stand up, unzip your fly, pull out the sausage and I'll start sucking on it.

The two walk to the nearest bar, sit down and order two beers and two shots of whiskey. After the third round the bartender asks them to pay up. With that,Fred stood up, unzipped his fly and Ray proceeded to suck sausage.

"What the fuck are you doing? Get the hell out of my bar!" says the bartender, the two run out laughing.

"That was great, and it didn't cost us a cent," says Fred. "Let's do it again!"

So off they run to another bar for a repeat performance. This continues through the night.

At the end of the night, after about the 12th bar, Ray says, "Man, I'm starving. All that beer made me hungry. Hey, pull out that sausage and let's eat it."

"Sausage?" says Fred. "hell, I ate that four bars ago!"


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thats fucked up

lmfao thats hilarious

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