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Battle simulation using a dice. Game for those who love territory domination.

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Wow! what a beautful peice of art, i am truly blessed to have the courage and gratitude and most importantly wisdom to land a perfect game. the control, the power, the courage, and the luck is all required to take on this very strategic masterpiece. this game, unlike most, gave me a fully rock hard erection all through the game. This not only helped my performance, but also filled my body with courage to fight through the hardships of the game Dicewars. The creater Mr. GameDesign tho very basic is a well played out designer with lots of tricks up there sleeves. A big pat on the back to them. I enjoy every second of the game and it truly helped me become a better person and taught me how to make life changing decisions ive had throughout my life. Thanks for the game guys! i wanna fuck ur farts in the asshole shit

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