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No wonder I'm so tired..... I've been blaming it on age, poor blood,lack of vitamins, air pollution, saccharin, obesity, dieting, and other maladies that make you wonder if life, really is worth living. But I
found out it ain't that. I'm tired because I'm over-worked.

1. The population of this country is 4 million.
2. 1 million are retired.
3. That leaves 3 million to do the work.
4. There are 1 million in school and college.
5. That leaves 2 million to do the work.
6. 250,000 are unemployed and 750,000 are employed by the Government.
7. That leaves 1 million to do the work.
8. 200,000 are in the armed forces, Aer Rianta and Aer Lingus,leaving 800,000 to do the work.
9. 200,000 are employed by the county council leaving 600,000 to do the work.
10. There are 420,000 people in hospital and 179,998 in prison.
11. That leaves 2 people to do the work.

You and me.

And you're sitting on your arse reading this.

No wonder I'm so tired!!
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