Sports games

Like your games dripping with sweat and having only one winner. Then be a jock and try these awesome Flash sports games.

Basketball Dare

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Basketball Dare is a simple yet addicting basketball game. Shoot the ball into the basket, select the exact power and angle to shoot the basketball. There are 35 exciting and challenging levels. Mouse distance will decide the power and mouse position will decide the angle. If you get the basketball in the basket the first try you will get 1000 extra game points as bonus. There is a 100 score penalty for each failed try.

Snowboard rush

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The most insane Snowboard flash game ever made! Get huge Air and do 5 crazy stunts, while you earn coins and upgrade your gear!

Cycling Challenges

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This is a fun challenging game in witch you are playing the role of a manger, your aim is to win the cycling tournament with the help of your animal friends, each race you win will give you money that you can use to upgrade your bike and win achievements along the way

Harpoon Laggon

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Use your harpoon to reel in fish. Z is to move left X is to move right spacebar is to shoot and buy upgrades like a new harpoon faster boat faster reel... ect.

City Jumper

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Jump over the buildings or die touching them.

Run Run

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This is all about timing. Use up arrow for small jump and space for a big jump.

King Of Skeleton

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Guide your way down the track and collect the lube to go faster.

Risky rider

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Take daring jumps and reach the sky! Get your bike as high as possible, beat all levels and become the ultimate extreme sports showman.

Cow Boxing

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Take on another cow in a boxing match. Note the controls are shown right before the use K, M, O and the space bar to fight and defend.

Basketball Shootoutz

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Score as many hoops as you can before the timer ends!

Flight Of The Hamsters

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How far can you get your hamsters?

Disc Golf

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Play a game of disc golf. Your target: hit the flag.

Snooker Game

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Addictive snooker game with different levels.

Tim Ball Pinball

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Enjoy this great game of pinball with Tim. Use the [space] to launch the ball and left/right arrow keys for the pads.


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To get the perfect bowl, Aim your mouse towards the pins, whilst aligning the mouse with the markings on the floor.

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