Puzzle games

Puzzle games, games that will make you think, tear your hair out and twist your mind around!

Gem fusion

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Strategically place gems on the board to fuse them into new gems!

Sliding cubes 2

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Drag all the cubes to the correct place and fill in all the white points, each level will become harder. Let's see if you're an expert in Puzzle games and can finish the game.

Quick switch 2

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A game requiring intense precision and speed. Use your mouse to activate the platforms and guide your ball to the end of the level.

Easter Egg Slider

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Slide the colorful Easter eggs in this beautiful match 3 game! Match the egg on top of the queue to increase the multiplier and progress through the level.

Gravity Duck 2

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Guide the duck safely to the golden eggs by flipping gravity and avoiding obstacles in this puzzle platformer game.

Happy dead friends

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Find the right place for zombies, skeletons, and other fun creatures, for connect all hands and make creatures happy.

One and One Story Distribution

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The story of a boy, the story of a girl, the story of both: One and One Story, a game about love, pain and life.\n\nOne and One Story is not your common platformer. Watch the gameplay change as the protagonists face the euphoria and trials of their relationship.

Falling moon

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Collect the stars by dropping the moon onto them. Bounce between them and tries to land in a jar. This nice physics game forces you to guess where the moon might land, as stars and obstacles are influencing the route of falling.Try it out!

Blowup 2 bubbles

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A marble popper game with a lot of levels and a number of bonuses. There are three game modes that change one another: arcade, puzzle and survival. Blow up all falling balls matching those 3 or more and clear the playing board in the arcade mode. Do not hurry in the puzzle mode as the number of balls to shoot is limited so every shoot should be deliberate. Shoot as quickly as possible in the survival mode and hold out for the limited time.

Fruit Match Puzzle

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You are a farmer and your task is to gather the fruit harvest. The harvest is collected when there is no empty wooden box. Be in hurry as the time of harvest is limited; do not let ripe fruit be lost. There are 20 various levels as well as a number of bonuses that simplify or on the contrary prolong the game.

Jacko In Hell

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Our friend Jacko is sent on a mission to find the final element that will wake the spirit of Halloween. On his journey Jacko will have to face daunting challenges that will require some problem solving. A dark and addicting adventure game where you must explore areas, collect items and gain new skills!

The Pilot Episode

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'Tiny Trials! The Pilot Episode'. Pit your wits against brainy chickens, scary wolves, athletic bears and the fastest wizards in the West!
Compete with your friends and hundreds of other Facebook users to climb our live leader board - can you get to the very top?

Mario & Sonic

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You control Mario and Sonic at the same time, you have to help them enter their own world at the same time. Find the keys to unlock the exit doors and proceed to the next level.You have limited time, so dont waste it.

Where am I maze

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A hidden maze game where the walls of the maze only become visible when you walk into them. This game was made in only 48 hours by Benn Gaming in Ludum Dare competition.
Move using your arrow keys.

Clowning around

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Get the clowns into the barrels of water by cutting the chains at the right time in this fun and challenging physics game.
You can even try to create your own levels in the level editor.

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