Football games

Soccer of football, doesn't matter what you call it you'll love these ball games. There are full match games, football manager games, keepy uppy training games and many more.

Italian Soccer

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Select your favourite italian soccer team and become the champion in the Italian Cup. Your role is to help your team to rank better by playing 5-round tournaments in which you will try to win points for your club. To win the match, you need to score certain number of goals, which depends of your team's and your oponnent's team class. It's easier to beat the team of class 5, than one with class 1. Also, it's easier to win if your team has stronger class. For each goal you score, you will get one point if you make two or more contacts with the ball, and two points if you score from the first touch. You can also win bonus points if you make it to the last stage. Each week, one club will become the champion. Also, the best scorer will get the 'Player of the week' title.

Football tennis

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Test the forces in original game which unites tennis and football. You are waited by good game, shop with subjects which will increase characteristics of your character. Three different game backgrounds. Win all Leagues and Playoff, become champion Football Tennis.

Free Kicks

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Score three goals in a row in this 'free kick' football game to achieve victory. Not easy.

Flash Football

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A 2 player football game. Run around using the arrow keys and score as many goals as you can.

Super Hacky Sack

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Use the a,s,d,z,x and c keys to kick the ball and score as many goals as you can.

VR world cup

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Use the arrow keys and 'x' 'c' to play in the world cup and see if you can come out on top.

9M soccer

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Use the mouse to aim in the goals and click to kick, you get 20 goes an at the end of it you might just have won a cup!

Soccer Pong

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Keep the ball moving, don't let it go out or you'll lose a ball and try to kick the ball into the goals.


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Rollover the desired human player to select it and move the mouse to make the walk. Score goals to win!

Hot shot

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With your mouse try to hit as many balls as possible into the goal.
Hiting the ball in different places causes the ball to swerve in the opposite direction - allowing you to curl the ball into th goal.

Super Soccerball

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A simple keepie-up game, move the player under the ball to kick, knee, or head it. There are also summersault kicks and dives in there somewhere.

Penalty Shootout

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Deja vu again. Goalie and ball, but a more skillful keeper than in Coconut Joe,plus power boost on your kick.

Soccer Shootout

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Not much skill for this one, just shoot from your mouse and see if you can pass the goalie,you can angle the ball but that's all.

Soccer 2

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Dodge the defenders and line your self up for that winning goal.


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Pick your team and play throught Qualifications, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Final and the Bonus level. Score 5 goals each level and win the cup.

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