Adventure games

Feeling adventurous, up for a quest? Then get immersed in these virtual online adventure games.

Samurai Heart 2

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The sequel of adventures of courageous samurai in the free online fighting game. The samurai's path is full in enemies and obstacles. Jump on the block so as not to fall into fathomless pit. Use kicks and punches to beat off the warriors of enemy clan and use shurikens against especially dangerous killers.

Ninja Vs Zombie

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Help this ninja fight off these brain eating zombies. Use your Shurikens to wipe them out in each level. Good Luck!
Use mouse to Fire your Ninja Shurikens

Mario Crystal Cave

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A Beautiful Mario fun game where you have to save your favourite mario from some crazy enemies in the crystal cave.

Zombies Ate My Phone

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Battle your way through zombies, werewolves, mummies and more in this action packed adventure, Zombies Ate My Phone. It's time to choose which friends you save and which friends you don't!

Redneck VS Zombies

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The world has been infected at large and you're here to eliminate the menace! Get on that bad ass chopper, grab your gun and get ready to kill some rotten scum-bags! Clear each wave of zombies, collect cash and upgrade your weapons. An addicting game of speed

Cat in a Cape

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Cat in a Cape is a cute retro style platformer, jump and run through the fun levels, collecting fruit and surviving enemies and traps.

Mario Meets Peach

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Help Mario to meet his love Peach. Collect hearts in your way. Be careful while you jump. Obstacles are fun but sometimes dangerous. Find the key and meet Peach at the end to complete the level. Have Fun!

Samurai Heart

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This foolhardy samurai avenges his boss and goes into battle against a number of trained ninjas. He should be the winner in this cruel and blood war! There are eight addictive levels for continuous and action gameplay. Controls: arrow keys to move, key z to throw shuriken, key x to attack, space button – block.

Vigilanti granny

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The streets have got out of control. Help Rasta Gran clean up the streets and teach those thugs a lesson. Collect all the weed and reach the police helicopter to complete the level.

Deadly Doctor

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Your the most extreme doctor there is and it's your job to fight off the diseases and survive as long as you can.

Agent B103

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Agent B10 is a bad-ass take no sh*t tough guy! Some mafia boss has put a hit on him, and killed his family! Track him down and extract your revenge before its too late!

Liberty pass

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You have a 48 hour Liberty Pass! Can you get from the remote army camp to your suburban home before the pass expires? There are three levels to tackle. On each one, your objective is to find your way to the exit as quickly as you can. Make sure you explore each level thoroughly, as the location of the exit isn't always in plain view... For an extra challenge, try to find all the logos scattered throughout each level - these will boost your score. Good luck, soldier!

Nimble mario adventure

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Mario is back in this bright platform game run around collecting all the coins avoiding obstacles and destroying countless enemies.
NOTE: full screen might have some issues.

World of science

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A free online version of the Sims. You live on a little plante where you work to make money then use that money to upgrade your house and build new things.


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In Bubble work an evil force has invaded and take the princess prisoner. Now it's up to you to save bubble work and princess by safely and quickly navigate each maze and trap in your way.

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